Gaspard Galland
Around the world in a sailboat
The Author
Gaspard Galland

Gaspard Galland, Paris 1953, has always been a great traveller. He lived and completed his school studies in Barcelona, and his university studies at the University of Regensburg in Regensburg (Germany), He graduated in Economics in 1978. He currently lives in Toulouse.

In 1979, after his university studies, he made his first trip around the world as a backpacker for three years. It crosses Asia by the road from India to Singapore and continues its journey through Indonesia and the Philippines, then to California. After living in Sacramento for a year, he continued his journey through Central America to Panama.

In 1982 he began his professional career in different multinational companies in Spain. In 2007, taking advantage of an unexpected change in his professional life, he sailed solo with his sailboat to Polynesia. During his three-year trip, he collaborated with the navigation magazine "Yate". After returning from his trip in 2010, he decided to write a self-published book in Spanish: Revelación de tres secretos, (2014). Encouraged by the excellent and unexpected comments of the readers, he decides to write a definitive edition: Beyond the ocean.